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May 01 2018


April 18 2018


Online Tax Filing

AllIndiaITR is the one stop for all your tax troubles. We understand how confusing it can be for the common man to file ITR, Online Tax Filing, Efile Income Tax Return not to forget the time spent in looking for meanings of income tax related terms.

EFile Income Tax Return, IT Return

Well, there are two types of taxes in India; they are Direct Tax and Indirect Tax. Income Tax is a direct tax, which is directly paid by the taxpayer to the government. Everyone who earns or receives an income must pay Income Tax, it is mandatory for every citizen of India and NRIs as well. Taxpayer’s income is divided into different tax brackets or tax slabs and accordingly the taxpayers will have to pay their income tax depending on the Tax Slab the fall in. In order to Deposit Income Tax, the taxpayers will have to Efile income tax return or IT return by logging into the official Government website, before the due date that is 31st July 2018.

Upload Form 16 - Income Tax

Form 16 is provided to you by your employer in the case of your earnings surpassing the minimum tax exemption limit. If it is the case, then tax deducted at source (TDS) is deposited with the income tax department by your employer.

AllIndiaITR helps you upload Form 16 and gives you further assistance via our tax experts.

When you upload Form 16, it means you are verifying your income-related details that are provided by your employer with the income tax department and the amount of tax already deposited. There are two parts here - Part A and Part B. Part A includes information about the employee and employer, such as name, address, PAN and TAN details, duration of employment, TDS deducted amount, etc. Part B covers details of salary paid, other earnings, permitted deductions, tax payable, etc.


ITR - Efile ITR - Income Tax Return

Time to file ITR for previous years is almost up. EFile ITR with AllIndiaITR to experience a hassle-free tax return filing. We offer custom-made ITR filing plans based on your needs - salary, salary + house property, salary + capital gains, foreign income, and more.

File ITR soon to avoid any penalty and the last minute rush which often leads to committing mistakes in your tax return. It also helps you use tax exemption in the next year, in case you have incurred capital loss in the previous year.

Also, filing a nil ITR has its own benefits. Banks before sanctioning a loan, always ask for your previous years’ income tax return for credibility-check.

March 14 2018


March 09 2018

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